Mom’s Best Tomato Soup Canning Recipe

Mom’s Best Tomato Soup Canning Recipe

Total Time

01:50 mins

Preparation 01:00 mins

Cooking 00:50 mins

Recipe ingredients:

Preparation of the recipe:

Chop onion& celery.

Place in large kettle w/ just enough water to keep them from burning.

While this simmers, cut tomatoes (remove stems if not using strainer).

Add to kettle& cook until tender.

Place this all through Victorio strainer (or similar).

Return to kettle.

Add sugar& salt.

Cream butter and flour together& mix thoroughly with two cups of COLD juice, until dissolved (or blend together in a blender), to avoid lumps of flour in the juice.

Add butter/flour mixture to warmed tomato juice. (Add before it’s hot, to avoid lumps of flour!).

Stir well.

Heat just until hot. (If it gets to a boil, it can make the flour lumpy).

Just prior to boiling, turn off the burner. (It will continue to thicken as it cools.).

Ladle into jars& close securely with lids.

Return to canner & process 20-30 minutes (start timing when it’s at a ‘rolling’ boil).

Remove from canner & allow to set until sealed (approx. 12 hours) To serve, mix equal parts tomato concentrate to milk, and add 1/2 t. of baking soda per pint as it cooks (1 t. per quart).


Source: Mom’s Best Tomato Soup Canning Recipe