Hamburgers Recipe

Hamburgers Recipe

Total Time

00:20 mins

Preparation 00:05 mins

Cooking 00:15 mins

Recipe ingredients:

Preparation of the recipe:

Chop garlic cloves on wooden surface then put in mortar and pestle.

Add salt and olive oil and make a paste.

Add this to the meat along with the Worcestershire and horseradish.

Mix everything and adjust ingredients to suit your taste.

When you make the patties place an indention in the middle of each one with your thumb (almost all the way through). This keeps the burgers from shrinking. We like ours thick and I like them to stay that way!

Salt and Pepper according to taste when done.

An added note on 04-03-06 – Thank you all for your positive feedback. It’s nice to get confirmation on something I thought was good and different.

Please note that I usually add more ingredients than what is called for above. I nuke a tiny hamburger (meatball size) and taste. I usually add more of everything. The horseradish does not taste like horseradish when cooked. It gives it a flavor note that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Unless you are allergic to it, please try it.

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