Emaw’s Goulash Recipe

Emaw’s Goulash Recipe

Total Time

01:00 mins

Preparation 00:15 mins

Cooking 00:45 mins

Recipe ingredients:

Preparation of the recipe:

Prepare elbow macaroni according to directions on package till al dente.

Save a little of the pasta water in case you need it later to loosen the sauce.

Brown meat in a large skillet, drain the fat and add the onion and bell pepper half way through cooking.

Drain any ramaining fat when onion and pepper is done and add garlic, stir it about.

Add the meat mixture to the cooked macaroni, add the canned tomatoes, corn and sauce.

Mix all this together and add seasoning to taste.

You may need to add some of the pasta water to loosen the sauce if it is too dry.

This is really good the next day too.

Source: Food.com: Emaw’s Goulash Recipe