Arabian Pita Bread Recipe

Arabian Pita Bread Recipe

Total Time

01:30 mins

Preparation 00:15 mins

Cooking 01:15 mins

Recipe ingredients:

Preparation of the recipe:

Mix yeast, water and sugar.

Set aside.

In a large bowl, combine flour, dried milk and salt.

Pour in the oil and yeast/water mixture and stir well.

You might need to add more flour or water, depending on the absorbency of the flour.

Knead dough briefly, divide into 18 egg sized balls.

Place on a floured surface, cover and let rest for 15-30 minutes.

Roll one ball out and cook in a skillet until large "bubbles" form.

Flip pita over and cook the other side for a few more minutes.

I flatten it out with a spatula.

Keep bread warm (wrap in a towel or place in a ziploc bag) while cooking the rest of the bread.

These freeze well.

Source: Arabian Pita Bread Recipe