Directory Of Stores, Businesses And Retailers In Canada By Alphabetical Order: M

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Directory Of Canadian Retailers And Stores

M Graham & Associates Inc.

M Group CPA

M.I.C Restaurant

M.J. Laforest Electrical Contractors Ltd

M.N.B Paving

M.O.E Accounting


M&M Electric Services

M&M Furniture

M&M Meat Shops Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

MAB Partners LLP

Mabel’s Labels

MAC Cosmetics Flyer

Mac Mac & Mac

MAC Stewart Plumbing

Macadam Paving And Sealing

MacGillivray Injury And Insurance Law

Macintosh Landscaping

MacKay & Mclean

Mackay Electric Ltd

MacKenzie Wiring

Mackie Moving Systems

MacKinley-Clark Paving Ltd

MacLachlan McNab Hembroff LLP

Maclean Brothers Woodworking

Maclean Keith

MacMillan Tucker & Mackay

Maco Paving

Macphee Accounting CPA

Macrae Power

Macy’s Canada

Mad-Cat Electric Co.

Made You Look Jewellery

Madison Paving

Madison’s Furniture Flyer ( From 17 To 30 November 2021 )

Magellan Law Corporation

Magic Mountain

Magnolia Jewellery

Magnus Law

Magpie Jewellery

Mahogany Landscaping Services

Maid 2 Shine

Maid 4 You

Maid Brigade

Maid In Victoria

Maid Of All Work

Maid To Shine

Maida & Chen Notaries Public

Maids in Blue

Main Power Electrical

Main Street Optometric

Mainline Plumbing And Heating

Mainstreet Muscle And Fitness

Maison Birks

Maison Ethier Flyer


Majestic Appliance Care

Majestic Mattress Flyer

Major Nelson

MAK Landscaping Ltd.

Make Ready Cleaning Services

Makimono Japanese Restaurant

Making Tracks Landscaping

Malcolm’s Electrical

Malott Professional Corporation

Maltais Electric

Malti Dhir Lotfali, M.A.

Malyon Excavation Ltd

Mamma’s Place

Mammoth Landscaping

Mandair Notary Public


Mandeep Grewal Notary Public

Manfron Shirley M

Manhas Mar Lawyers

Manitoba Hydro

Manning Elliott

Manny’s Electrical Ltd

Manor Landscaping

Manthorpe Law

Maple Aventure Furniture

Maple Harbour

Maple Ridge Accountant


Marble Slab Creamery

Marc F. Raymond Opticians

Marcel Electric Inc


Marche Adonis Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Marche Ami Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Marche Bonichoix Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Marche C&T Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Marche Extra Flyer

Marché Lian Tai

Marche Ocean Plus

Marche Richelieu Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Marche Sheng Tai

Marcheleo’s Gourmet Marketplace Flyer

Marches Tau Flyer ( From 15 To 09 January 2022 )

Marches Tradition Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )


Marco Plumbing LTD

Marcotte Law

Marenger Moving

Marian’s Bookkeeping & Tax Service

Marine Life


Mariposa Electric

Mark A Wales CPA

Mark Schonewille CPA

Mark’s Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Market Mall Auto Service

Market Place Flyer

Marketplace Cuisine

Markwart Jewellers

Marlin Travel

Marriott Hotels, Resorts & Suites

Marsh Group

MARSHALL Electrical Contracting

Martin Deerline Flyer

Martin Henry

Martin Kastelein Notary Public

Martin Pallard Professional Corporation

Marv Chony Jewellers

Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters

Mary Lynn Bancroft

Marz Plumbing

Masala Grille

Massimo Dutti

Massimo’s Niagara


Mastermind Toys Flyer

Masters N’ Dogs

Match-It Supplies Ltd.

Matco Moving Solutions

Mater Mechanical


Matos Paving

Matrix Locksmith

Matsu Jewellery

Matt & Nat

Matt’s Furniture

Matthew Dack

Matthew G. Dixon CPA

Matthew Swindley CPA

Mattress Direct

Mattress Mall Flyer

Mattress Mart Flyer

Mattress Mattress Flyer


Mavco Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Mavi Jeans

Mawson Health And Fitness

Max’s Pet Deli

Maxeena Cleaning Services

Maxi & Cie Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Maxi Maid

Maxime’s Restaurant

Maximum Woman

Maynard Bent & Fagan CPA

Mayrand Flyer ( From 24 To 30 November 2021 )

Mazin & Associates


Mazzei Electric

MBH Mechanical & Electrical



MC Professional Accountant

MC Rally


McCance Plumbing And Heating

McCann & Roque Chartered Accountants

McCann Mechanical Inc.

Mcdonald Electric

McDonald’s ( From 16 To 31 December 2021 )

McDougall Gauley LLP

McGinnis Electric

McInnes Cooper

McIntosh Pro Line

McIver’s Appliance Sales & Service

McKarr’s Furniture And Mattress Shop

Mckay Criminal Defence



McKiggan Hebert Lawyers

Mckinley Electric

McLeod & Associates

Mcleod Law

McMullen Landscaping

McMunn & Yates Building Supplies Flyer ( From 25 To 08 December 2021 )

McNamee Plumbing And Heating

McPhee Tax & Accounting Inc.


MD Electric


Meadowridge Law LLP

Meadows Landscape Supply Ltd.


Mecklai Tax And Accounting Inc.

Medallion Energy Services

Medical Centre Optical

Medicine Shoppe Canada Flyer ( From 01 To 30 November 2021 )

Medieval Times Dinner Theater & Tournament

Mee Moving

Mega Electric

Megan S. Knight Notary Public

MEI School

Meighen Haddad LLP

Meinhardt Fine Foods

Melanie Lyne Flyer

Melrose Paving

Memory Express Flyer



Menzies Pet Hospital

Mephisto Flyer

Mercer Wilde Group

Merchant Law


Meridian Farm Market Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Meridian Landscaping

Merivale Vision Care

Merle Norman

Merlin Cycles


Merry Maids

Mesa Mechanical Inc.

Metalsmiths Sterling



Metcalfe Electric


Metro Flyer ( From 25 To 08 December 2021 )

Metro Law Office LLP

Metro Paving

Metro Pet Market

Metro Plumbing

Metro Wide Paving

Mettle Performance Training Centre

Meubles Denis Riel

Meubles RD


Mew And Company


Meyer Frers

Meyer’s Landscaping Ltd.

Mez’s Quality Electric

MFC Mattress Flyer


MGS Corp.

Mian Grocer Flyer

MICA Beauty

Michael Bielz Plumbing

Michael Golden Law Corporation

Michael Hill

Michael Hill Jewellery‎

Michael Kors

Michael Kostrich CPA

Michael Scott Landscaping & Design

Michael-Angelo’s Flyer

Michael’s Jewellers

Michael’s Jewellery

Michaels Flyer

Michel & Vincent Law

Micmac Bar And Grill

Microsoft Store Flyer

Midland Appliance

Midland Electric Alberta

Midtown Paving

Mikado Electric

Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores Flyer ( From 26 To 02 December 2021 )

Mike Fuller Electric

Mike Smith Electric

Mike’s British

Mike’s Landscaping

Mikes Flyer

Mikes Bar And Grill


Miku Restaurant

Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating


Milestones On The Falls

Milestones Restaurants

Millards CPA

Millcreek Bath & Kitchen Flyer

Miller Maki LLP


Milne Pritchard Law Office

Milo Group

Mimi McQueen

Mind Games

Mindful Maids


Minken Employment Lawyers

Mint Interiors

Minute Men

Minute Rice


Mirage Landscaping

Mirror Image Landscaping

Misner Electrical Contractor

Mission Creek Optometry

Mission Fitness

Mississauga House Cleaning

Mississauga Locksmiths


MJM Furniture


MKS Accountants

MLT Aikins LLP


Mo:Lé Restaurant

Mo’s Garage Ltd


Mocha Cabana

Mod.GSI Furniture


Modern Furniture

Moe’s Home Collection

Moe’s Plumbing Services

Mokada Jewelry

Molly Maid

Molly Xia Notary Public

Mommy And Daddy Daycare

Mommy Mops

Moms to be And More

Monarch Messenger Services

Monarch Specialties

Monastery Bakery Flyer

Moncion Grocers Flyer


Mondou Flyer ( From 26 To 05 December 2021 )

Mongo’s Grill Restaurants

Monkey See


Montana Electrical Services

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Montax Accounting & Tax

Montessori Method

Montessori World

Montgomery Miles & Stone Law

Montgomery Moving

Montgomery’s Comfort Centre

Monville Landscaping

Moody’s Equipment


Mootha Thayaparan & Co. Corp

Morelli Chertkow

Morgan Crossing Notaries

Morgan K Landscapes

Morgan’s Furniture

Moriyama Wolsey Chartered Accountants

Morris East Restaurant

Morris Notary

Morrow Avenue Child Care

Morrows Moving & Storage

Mosher Chedore

Motherhood Maternity Flyer

Moulton Optical

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Eye Care

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Moving

Mountain Nursery School

Mountain Warehouse

Mountainview Paving

Mourelatos Flyer ( From 24 To 30 November 2021 )

Movati Athletic

Move Clean

Mover Canada

Moving On Express

Mow And Snow



Moxie’s Grill & Bar

MPI Electric

MPM Group

MPN Pacific


Mr Mikes Steakhouse

Mr Parker

Mr Plow

Mr. Electric

Mr. Locksmith

Mr. Meat Market Flyer

Mr. Mikes Plumbing

Mr. Pet’s

Mr. Rooter Plumbing LLC

Mr. Sub


Mrs. Riches

Ms. Clean

MSD Electrical

MSH Accounting

MTF Price Matters Flyer

Mucho Burrito

Muck Boot

Muddy Boots Landscaping

Muhammad Shoaib Rauf Notary Public


Mule Ties

Multi Lighting

MultiFood Supermarket Flyer

Mum’s Restaurant

Munroe & Company

Mura Boutique


Murph’s Gym

Murphy’s Auto Repair

Murphy’s Pharmacies

Murray Ralston Lawyers

Murray’s Gardens

Murrayville Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Muse And Merchant

Muskoka Bear Wear

Muskoka Brewery Hop Shop

Muskoka Landscapers

Muskoka Pewter

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co

Mussio Goodman Law

Mustang Contracting


Mvmnt Studio

MVO Chartered Accountants

MVR Cash & Carry Flyer ( From 01 To 30 November 2021 )


My Electrician Inc.

My Fax

My Great Housekeeper

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

My Nintendo

MyBooks Business Solutions

Myers Firm

Myka Designs