Directory Of Stores, Businesses And Retailers In Canada By Alphabetical Order: D

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Directory Of Canadian Retailers And Stores

D & B Sprinklers

D & D Clean Exteriors


D.A. Electric

D.C. Taylor Jewellers

D.K.I Services

D.M. Reid Jewellers

D.O.T Furniture

D’ Link Cleaning

D’Agostino & Associates

D&D Bookkeeping

D&D Landscaping

D&H Group

DA Sparkes Accounting

Daily Steals

Dainty Hooligan

Dairy Queen Flyer


Daisy’s Landscaping

Dakota Lock & Safe

Danasy Landscaping

Dancor Electric

Danforth Food Market Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Daniadown Home

Daniel Boisvert Notary Public

Daniel E. Loney, CA

Danier Flyer

Darnell & Company

Darrell’s Restaurant

Darren W Moffatt

Dart Electric Systems

Darwin’s Moving & Deliveries

Dave’s Furniture

Dave’s Green Papaya

Davey Locksmith

David Aujla Lawyer

David Dobson CPA

David G. Baker Criminal Defence Lawyer

David Lopinski Electric Ltd

David Odishaw Custom Creations

David W. McRoberts CPA

David Watts Notary

David Yurman

David’s Tea

Davidiuk Len Tax Services

Davids Footwear

Davidson & Williams LLP

Davidson Fraese Lawyers

Davis Martindale


Day Nursery Centre


Days Of Wonder

DC Shoes

Dconstruct Jewelry

De Klerk Electric

De Luca’s

Debly Enterprises Limited


Decked-Out Home & Patio

Deco Furniture

Deco Surfaces

Decorating Den Interiors

Deeley Fabbri Sellen

Deep Roots Landscaping

Deer Lake Law Group

Defence Law

Deja Vu Optics

Deker Electric Ltd.

Dekorte Plumbing Inc

Dekorte’s Landscaping

Del Sol


Deleted c


Dell Financial Services Canada

Dell Small Business Canada Flyer

Delta Chi Early Childhood Centres

Delta Christian School

Delta Paving Ltd.

Delta Plumbing Services

Delta Valley

Deltec Power

Dempster’s Bakery

Denis Custom Furniture

Denis Furniture

Denninger’s Flyer ( From 17 To 07 December 2021 )

Dennis Point Café

Denny’s Canada

Deprez & Associates

Derick’s Automotive

DeSerres Flyer

Design by Humans

Design Crowd

Design Jewellers

Designer Shoe Warehouse

Desmarais, Keenan LLP

Destination XL DXL

Dettling Electric

Devak Lock & Key


Dhanda & Company

DHC Mechanical

Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd

Dial Delivery Moving

Dial Locksmith

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers

Diamond And Diamond Lawyers

Diamonds Of Detroit

Diana Mau

Dias Notary

Dibbits Excavating

Dicam Landscaping


Dickson, Stojak, Huang Chartered Professional Accountants

Diesel Flyer

Diesel Monkey Garage

Dig & Design Landscaping


Dinesty Dumpling House

Dino’s Appliance & Mattress Centre

DiPietro Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Direct Furniture

Direct Locksmith

Discount Movers

Discounter’s Pool And Spa

Discover Fitness

Discovery Foods Flyer

Disegno Jewellery

Disney Store Flyer

Distinguished Movers

Diversified Snow Removal Services

Divorce & Separation Solutions Inc.

Dixie Electric

Dixie Lee Fried Chicken

Dixon Contracting





DLF Landscaping

DLS Electric

DMA Applied Controls



DMP Plumbing And Heating

DMP Plumbing And Heating Ltd

Doak Shirreff Lawyers LLP

Dobbelsteyn Service & Maintenance Ltd

Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Doc Optical

Doc’s Auto Body

Dockside Restaurant

Dodd’s Furniture And Mattress

Dog Diapers

Dog House Salon

Dog Wood Pet Mart

Doggy Wood

Dollar Store

Dollar Tree


Dolomiti Shoes

Dominion Flyer ( From 25 To 01 December 2021 )

Dominion Electric

Domino’s Pizza

Domon Furniture

Don’s Moving

Don’s Photo Flyer

Donald’s Market Flyer

Donald’s Mattress And Appliance

Donaldson Electric

Donna M. Van Beek Notary Corporation

Donnelly Landscapes



Dormez-Vous Flyer

Dorothy Perkins

Dorren Electric

Double Naut

Doug’s Locksmith

Douglas Spence CPA


Dowell’s Moving & Storage

Down to Earth Landscaping

Downloadcrew Store

Downtown Camera


Dr. Brown & Associates

Dr. Erin Axt, Optometrist

Dr. Linda Daniar & Associates

Dr. Russ Brown And Dr Cherice Chant Optometrists

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

Dr. Tracy Brodie & Associates

DR. Vernon Prentice

Drain 1

Drain Doctor

Drain Rescue’s Plumbers

DrainCom Plumbing & Drain Expert

Dream Gardens Come True

Dreamcleaning LTD

Dress 911



Drive Pros

Driveway Snow

DRUGStore Pharmacy

Drummond Brothers Landscaping

DS Clayton Electrical

DS Plumbing

DSM Plumbing

Duco & Duco LLP

Due West

Duffin Martin Tax & Accounting

Dufresne Furniture & Appliances Flyer


Duncan Allen Law

Dunlop’s Glen Plumbing & Heating

Dunn Electric

Duplex Furniture

Durham Plumbing Services

Dutch Touch Landscaping Inc.

Dutchies Fresh Market Flyer


Dwayne Pommer Law


Dynamic Electrical Services Ltd

Dynamite Flyer