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About Banyen

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As a bookstore seeking a balance between the “juicy” experiential and the “dry” scholarly, Banyen stocks the best in world spiritual, mystical, metaphysical, healing and inspirational traditions—recognizing that seekers are unique and find their connections through varying metaphors, levels of depth, and practices. And as contemporary metaphors change, we seek to keep connection with the Sources of Life, the Juice, through whatever current forms it’s being expressed, changing or renaming sections as needed—so the public can count on us for:

   – friendly, un-hyped, knowledgeable service
   – a listening ear for the nuances of their quest, and our best suggestions for them
   – a sensibly ordered and organized store with a human touch
   – excellent up-to-date communications systems (and a decent e-commerce website)
   – a staff that is ready to give full attention, respect and care to this moment and this individual
   – a warm, welcoming, well-lit, beautiful oasis-like environment where the public is free to rest, browse, read, listen, meditate, research and buy at their own pace
   – a prompt and effective mail order service for our products
   – generous open hours
   – sensible and workable business policies that make friends wherever feasible
   – beautiful, inspirational bookmarks
   – newsletters, catalogs, websites, or other media that provide reviews, commentary, evaluation, aids to selection, and means of community-building

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